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Readmission Criteria

Most of the programs at Purdue University require the following from a student seeking readmission:

  • 12 semester credit hours earned at a regionally accredited institution (not remedial or developmental and the 12 credit hours must be taken in a single fall or spring semester).
  • No individual grades less than C-.
  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Some programs may deny qualified applicants because of space constraints.

As with all transfer credit, grades will not transfer but are required to establish that you are ready for success at Purdue. Consult your academic advisor if you have questions about course selection. Check the online transfer credit course equivalency guide for course equivalencies.

Program-Specific Criteria or Exceptions

Guide to using the table below 

  • Science/Math Required - Your coursework at another institution must include science or math
  • Consider CODOs - Programs that will consider applicants who were dropped from a different Purdue program (if they meet the requested program's CODO requirements).
  • Work or Military Experience - Programs that will consider work or military experience as part of the readmission evaluation.

Programs of Study Readmission Requirements
(College of) Agriculture Yes, for science-based majors Yes No
Computer Information Technology Yes Must have Calculus 1 and at least one coding or IT course with a minimum grade of B on transcript from Purdue or another institution. Yes 3.0 GPA or higher. No individual grade less than B. Students meeting requirements will be accepted on a space available basis.
Construction Management Yes Yes Yes 3.0 GPA Required
(College of) Education No Yes No
Electrical and Computer Engineering No No No

Please know that re-admission to ECE at Purdue University is not guaranteed so make sure you are fully prepared to continue with your coursework before applying for readmission. It is better to take a little more time to get things in order before returning, rather than risk being dropped again and having no further readmission opportunities.

ECE does not necessarily expect or encourage you to take classes at another institution while you are away from Purdue. Instead, you need to use this time to reflect on the circumstances that led to you being dropped and what changes you need to make to ensure success should you return to classes in the future. Well before your return, you should start implementing these changes to the extent possible until you return to classes at Purdue.

(College of) Engineering Yes No No
Engineering (First-year Engineering) Yes No Yes - if employment is greater than one month No individual grades less than C. Requires a letter of recommendation from current professor, military superior or current employment supervisor
Exploratory Studies No Yes No If readmitted, you can complete a maximum of 60 credit hours or 4 semesters in Exploratory Studies. For CODOs, you cannot have more than 83 college credit hours total (all institutions) prior to enrollment.
(College of) Health and Human Sciences Yes, when appropriate Yes No
Industrial Engineering Yes, when appropriate No No No summer readmission
(College of) Liberal Arts No Yes No Readmission: 2.5 GPA, no individual grade less than C.
Transfer: 2.5 GPA
(School of) Management Math Only Yes No
Mechanical Engineering Yes, when appropriate No No No individual grades less than B
(College of) Pharmacy Yes Yes No 3.0 GPA Required
Polytechnic Institute Yes Yes Yes
Polytech Institute Statewide Programs Yes Yes Yes Kokomo/Lafayette: summer begins one week earlier than Purdue West Lafayette
(College of) Science Yes Yes No

A minimum six of twelve credits of math and/or science coursework. No Individual grade less than a B.

Computer Science, Data Science and Biology Re-admit policy: Students may not readmit to these programs unless one of the following criteria are met: 1) Student is within 15 credits of completing all degree requirements, or 2) Student has completed 75% of major coursework and has successfully completed all readmission requirements. Space availability will also determine if a readmission approval may be granted.

Veterinary Nurse No No Yes Students dropped from the Veterinary Nurse Distance Learning program will not be considered for readmission to the on-campus Veterinary Nurse program.
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