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Admissions Decisions: What Do They Mean?

We are able to offer the student a spot in the incoming class. The student will be prompted to set up their myPurdue account, which will bring them to a checklist of information they must complete before beginning classes. The student must also pay their deposit by May 1 of that year to hold their place in the incoming class. This can be done through their myPurdue account.
Purdue Summer Start is a five-week, credit-bearing summer session that is scheduled before the start of the fall semester. Completion of Summer Start is a condition of your admission to Purdue University.
College of Agriculture Spring Start is an offer of admission for qualified students to start their Purdue Agriculture experience in the spring semester rather than in the fall. Spring Start students have the option to participate in on- and off-campus events before their January academic start. They will also meet early with an academic advisor to jump-start their college career.
We are unable to offer the student a spot in the incoming class. This could be due to a variety of factors from our holistic review process; you can view everything we consider for application here. Students are able to request their application be re-evaluated if they provide new information or change their major once receiving this decision. We are able to direct these students to one of our regional campuses for admission. Students who are interested in this option should reach out to the regional campus they are interested in attending to complete the next steps related to their offer of admission. From there, the student can take classes and earn a Purdue degree, or take classes with the intention to transfer to Purdue West Lafayette to finish their degree.
A defer decision simply means that we need additional time to assess the space in your desired program before making a final decision. Students are encouraged to provide new grades, test scores, and complete the Letter of Continued Interest form in the student application portal. We will notify deferred students of their final decision before March 31.
Students are placed on a waitlist when we are unable to offer them a spot in the incoming class due to various reasons. However, it is possible that after the May 1 deadline, space may become available. By accepting a position on the waitlist, students could potentially be given admission if a spot in their desired program opens.

Log in and use your application portal to see what material is required to complete your application. If a required item is not listed as received, we either have not yet received or processed it. During the peak application season (October-January), it may take up to two weeks to process an item before it appears as received in your portal. Items are recorded as the date they are received, not the date they were processed.

Freshman Applications for Fall - For students who meet the Nov. 1 Early Action application deadline, Purdue releases admission decisions on Jan. 15. For students who meet the Jan. 15 Regular Decision application deadline, Purdue releases decisions between Jan. 15 and March 31.

Transfer students and other applicants - Transfer students and other types of applicants can expect an admissions decision roughly 8 - 12 weeks after their application and all required materials have been submitted.

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