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Transfer Student Checklist

Our goal is to make the transfer process user-friendly and our orientation programs welcoming so you'll feel at home from the moment you arrive on campus.

Before submitting a Purdue application, review this page carefully to ensure you understand overall transfer requirements and processes as well as specific minimum criteria for your desired major.

At Purdue, students apply for admission to specific majors. To be considered, you MUST meet the minimum GPA and any specific course requirements for the major you want. Please check the minimum requirements for your desired major before you apply. Transfer requirements are listed at the bottom of individual web pages for each major. If you are using an AP or IB test score to establish credit for a course that is required for admission, you must have the testing agency send your scores to Purdue before you apply. 

You must have completed Purdue's minimum high school course requirements (in addition to the GPA and course requirements mentioned in item No. 1). You can make up for high school course deficiencies with college-level coursework. (One semester of college-level coursework is equivalent to two high school semesters.)

Before you can apply as a transfer student, you must have completed at least 12 semester credit hours of college-level coursework. Remedial college courses and advance/dual college credit (credit earned as part of high school coursework or test scores such as AP and IB) does not count toward this minimum. Depending on the strength of your academic credentials, the Admissions Committee may not make a final decision until we receive final grades for any coursework that was in progress at the time you applied.

We do not accept applications for the spring term from students who are first-year freshmen at their current institution. 

Purdue is on a semester system — 1 credit hour on a semester system is equivalent to 1.5 credit hours on a quarter system.

If you have fewer than 24 completed credit hours of college coursework (not remedial) when you apply, you must provide SAT or ACT test scores. Test scores can be self-reported on the application. If you are admitted and accept your offer, you will be required to provide official scores electronically from the testing agency.

If you have been out of high school for five years or more, you are exempt from this test score requirement.  

Purdue is on a semester system — 1 credit hour on a semester system is equivalent to 1.5 credit hours on a quarter system.

Citizens of non-English-speaking countries are required to submit proof of English proficiency to complete their Purdue application. The policy is based on country of citizenship – not current residency or language of instruction. The English proficiency guidelines can be reviewed here.

Deadlines are firm and to meet a deadline, your application must be complete. See completing the application and monitor your Purdue application portal to ensure you have met the deadline. When having transcripts or test scores sent to Purdue plan ahead - request these items at least two weeks before the deadline. Apply as early as possible prior to the term you want to begin — admission to specific majors will close if we reach capacity, even if that occurs before the application deadline.

  • February 1 - Deadline for fall veterinary nursing enrollment (vet nursing students begin in fall only)

  • April 1 - Deadline for summer enrollment

  • May 1 - Deadline for fall enrollment for computer science and nursing (nursing students begin in fall only)

  • July 1 - Deadline for fall enrollment (exceptions: vet nursing deadline is February 1; nursing deadline is May 1)

  • November 1 - Deadline for spring enrollment

Admission to individual majors may close at any time. Before submitting your application, check the current closed programs list.

We will use final grades from your official college transcripts to determine how college credit will transfer to Purdue. Your previous coursework must have been earned at a regionally accredited institution with a grade of C- or better. 

Important factors:

  • Coursework that Purdue faculty have deemed to be equivalent to Purdue courses will transfer and satisfy degree requirements if the respective course is included in the degree plan for your major.
  • Coursework that is not equivalent to Purdue courses will transfer as “undistributed” credit. As a Purdue student, you may work with your academic department to determine whether undistributed credit can be used to satisfy any requirements of your degree plan.

There are two online tools you may use to determine how credit may transfer to Purdue:

  1. Purdue Transfer Equivalency Self Service — allows you to enter all of your previous college coursework to receive a comprehensive report that includes the credit you will receive toward the degree plan for your desired Purdue major as well as the courses you must still take to earn the Purdue degree. 
  2. Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide — allows you to look up courses one by one to determine how they might transfer to Purdue. You should use this tool along with the plan of study for your desired major to assess how previous college credit may apply to your desired major.

After admission, you'll receive a credit evaluation report that lists how your credit transfers. See our Transferring Credit to Purdue page for additional transfer credit information, including AP and IB credit.

The transfer application for spring enrollment (term that begins in January) becomes available on Sept. 1. For summer or fall enrollment, the transfer application becomes available on Dec. 15. When completing the application, use additional information sections to explain any gaps in your academic career.

After submitting an application, you must provide final transcripts from all college coursework you have completed (any university, not just the most recent). Failure to do so may result in admission denial or enrollment cancellation.

If you have been out of high school for at least five years and your high school record is significantly deficient (poor grades and/or missing many of Purdue's high school course requirements) you may use Purdue's community college roadmap to prepare for admission to Purdue as a college transfer student.

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