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Counselor Update - Need to Know


Higher Education institutions around the globe have fundamentally changed.

 Key information regarding the application at Purdue

  • Purdue will be Test Flexible: This means that if a student has access to take an SAT or ACT test it is encouraged that they do so, especially for the most competitive programs. However, we will move forward and review any application from a student who is unable to take a standardized test. 
    • Looking ahead: In 2024, Purdue will return to requiring the SAT or ACT test score(s) for admission consideration. Please keep this in mind as you counsel students that would start college after 2023.
  • Duolingo will be Counted for English Proficiency: For the upcoming fall, Purdue will be accepting the Duolingo English Proficiency test as proof of English proficiency


Here’s a list of application and scholarship deadlines and dates you can share with Purdue-interested students

  • November 1*, The Early Action Application Deadline

    • Application deadline for University-wide merit scholarship consideration
    • Application deadline for Honors College consideration
    • Priority deadline for engineering (first-year), computer science, nursing, flight (professional flight technology), and Vet Nursing
  • December 15, Supplemental Scholarships and FAFSA

    • Deadline to submit the Supplemental Scholarship Application and FAFSA (for students who want to be considered for scholarships awarded by their academic college)
  • January 15, The Early Action Decision Release and Regular Decision Deadline

    • Students who applied by the Early Action Application Deadline (Nov. 1) will receive their admissions decisions on this day at 5:00 p.m.
    • Students who wish to apply by the Regular Decision Deadline must have their application completed and submitted on this day
  • March 31, Regular Decision Release

    • Students who applied by the Regular Decision Deadline (Jan. 15) or were "deferred" in Early Action will receive their admissions decisions no later than this date. 

  • Counselor Resource Toolkit

    Purdue wants to equip you with the quick reference tools you need to support your students. Feel free to use these tools and language to describe them to share with your student populations. 

    Purdue has more than 200+ majors - filter by college or interest area to explore how you can pursue your passion! 


    Applying to college and keeping track of timelines may feel overwhelming, be aware of Purdue's deadlines with this easy reference. 


     Stay informed on what criteria your students need to meet in order to be academically prepared to apply to their desired academic program here at Purdue! 

    Freshman Admission Criteria 

     Looking to find what scholarship opportunities your students may have as an incoming Freshman at Purdue? Check out this list of Freshman-specific scholarships Purdue has to offer. 


     For a more general look at the average enrollment statistics and demographics for the current Freshman class, check out the Purdue Profile! 

    Purdue Profile 

     Get a breakdown of Purdue's overall demographic and enrollment statistics by taking a look at our Student Enrollment page. 

    Student Enrollment

    Use Slate.org to check a student's application status and admissions decision. Simply create an account and search for your student's name to learn more.



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