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Purdue Dual Credit Program

Purdue University offers a dual credit program for superior high school students who desire and are prepared for more advanced work. Through the program students begin college work in high school, which allows them to fulfill high school requirements while preparing for college admission and success as well as earning college credit.

One of the benefits of taking dual credit courses in the high school is the tuition assistance program. Tuition fees for the Dual Credit Enrollment Program are $25 per credit hour with no additional fees. One 3-4 credit hour dual credit course will cost $75-$100 compared to more than $1,000 for the comparable course taught on Purdue's campus. Typically, the cost of books is included in the high school's book rental. Students taking dual credit courses in their high school who qualify for free/reduced lunch receive 100% tuition assistance.

Information for Students and Parents
Information for High Schools, Teachers and Counselors
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