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Re-entry Students

You are classified as a re-entry student if you meet one of the following descriptions:

  • You previously attended Purdue West Lafayette, left in good academic standing and want to return after having been away for more than two consecutive semesters.*

  • You completed a bachelor's degree at Purdue West Lafayette and want to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree student or want to pursue an additional undergraduate degree.

If you're returning and have not been away for more than two semesters, you may contact your academic advisor to initiate reentry.

  If you want to re-enter in a major you weren't enrolled in previously, you will need to meet the Change of Degree Objective (CODO) requirements for the major you want.
  If have a Purdue bachelor degree and want to apply for a Teacher Licensure programcontact the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure (OPPL) before applying. They will complete the required transcript evaluation and advise you on the appropriate teacher licensure major to select. Contact OPPL at 765-494-2345 or licensure@purdue.edu.

Reentry Students Requirements

  • Complete the Purdue application.
  • If you completed courses at another college or university after leaving Purdue, you must provide official transcripts
  • There is no application fee for re-entry students

You should complete the re-entry application and provide all necessary documents as soon as possible, no later than the Monday before classes start. 

Additional information

If you have holds on your Purdue account, you will not be admitted until the holds are resolved.

Once you're admitted, check out the the admitted students next steps website.


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