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Counselor Picture Yujian (Ivy) Wang

Yujian (Ivy) Wang

Senior Assistant Director - International

Follow your dream, and never give up!

As one of the top public institutions in the nation and around the world, it is highly competitive to become a boilermaker. If you were unable to gain admission as a beginner, there may be opportunities to apply to Purdue University later on as a transfer student. After completing 12 credit hours at another institution, students will be eligible to apply to Purdue as a transfer student. Be sure to check the closed program list as not all majors at Purdue accept transfer applications.

You can prepare your transfer application by getting the necessary information from the Transfer Student Checklist. In addition, we have other tools in place to ensure a smooth transfer process for you. Check out the Purdue Transfer Equivalency Self Service and Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide and combine the tool with the plan of study to help you assess how previous college credit may apply to your desired Purdue major.

Remember, we are here as a resource for you. Don’t give up, let us help you to becoming a Boilermaker!

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