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Counselor Picture Ja'Niah Downing

Ja'Niah Downing

Associate Director

Don't go it alone

I had plenty of support. My high school counselor Mr. Brewer was a great help as I navigated the college selection process. Daphnye Walker was my academic advisor in college; I still call her “my college mom” to this day.  I was also surrounded by coaches, supervisors, and friends encouraging me to be excellent. As good as I thought I was – these people helped me make it to graduation. 

If you have true aspirations of attending the university of your dreams, start asking questions and start asking them early. When you’re ready to start applying to colleges in your senior year, everything you’ve done in the classroom, in a club or sport, or in your community will be reviewed by a college admissions professional. That same college admissions professional will be happy to help you as a freshman, sophomore, or junior.

Call us anytime. We're happy to help make sure your road to becoming a Boilermaker is a smooth one.

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