Admissions Counselor


Counselor Picture Mitch Warren

Mitch Warren

Director of Admissions

Think Big PicturePurdue is a state-of-the-art, high-tech place, but computers or systems don’t make any of the admissions decisions, none of them. 

Real people are looking at all the various parts of your application and not just the numbers (GPA, test scores, etc.).  Clearly academics is a major factor, but folks on the admissions committee want to get to know the rest of the student and her/his story as well. 

So, we’re looking at all parts of the application – co-curricular activities, honors, awards, part-time jobs, struggles you may have encountered, letters of recommendation, etc. 

Truly, we’re looking at the whole of the person as we’re attempting to build a class of diverse students and real people.  We’re interested in you and what you can bring to our campus.

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