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Spring Enrollment Next Steps

As a student admitted for the Spring semester, below are your next steps to accept your offer and enroll at Purdue. Click on each step for more detail.

Attend an admitted student visit program.

myPurdue is the online portal through which you will conduct business with the University now and once you are enrolled. Your portal provides a "new student task list" and indicates when you have completed the necessary steps to enroll. To gain access to your myPurdue portal, you must activate your online career account via the account activation website. You will need your Purdue University ID (PUID) number and your career account setup password, both of which were provided in your admission offer letter. You may be prompted to setup a Boilerkey (two-factor authentication), but you have 7 months to set this up to login to systems such as myPurdue.  For more information about Boilerkey please see this FAQ page.

Accept your admission offer as soon as possible and no later than December 15. (Students admitted after December 1 have 21 days or until the start of the spring semester to accept.) A nonrefundable $400 deposit will be required to accept your offer. The deposit will be applied toward first-semester fees and the housing contract fee (if you contract with University Residences).

File a FAFSA as soon as possible. 

Students interested in on-campus housing in University Residences should visit the housing website for information about availability and contracting. Visit the off-campus housing website for information about area rental properties.

Prior to course registration, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to succeed in math. SAT and ACT math scores as well as Purdue's ALEKS math assessment are among the resources your academic advisor can use to determine whether you are academically prepared to succeed in the first math course required for your major's plan of study. The Math Department website provides information about the ACT, SAT or ALEKS scores necessary for placement in various math courses.

You may refer to the University Catalog to find your major's plan of study. If your ACT or SAT math score is not high enough for placement in your required math course, you may take the free, online ALEKS assessment (accessible via myPurdue prior to your registration period). Alternatively, you may take a Purdue math course for which your ACT or SAT score qualifies you and that serves as a prerequisite for your required math course.

Purdue's Orientation Programs help prepare all new undergraduate students for their university experience. Students admitted to the spring semester complete orientation through Virtual Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (Virtual STAR).

Virtual STAR (VSTAR) is Purdue's online version of STAR. All spring admitted students will be enrolled into VSTAR in November. Students will contact their academic advising office to make plans for class registration.

Fee statements will be sent to your email address and accessible through myPurdue.

Purdue requires final grades from any coursework completed prior to enrollment, and it is your responsibility to ensure we receive official, final transcripts. Final high school transcripts must include confirmation of graduation.

Also, if you provided self-reported ACT or SAT test scores on your admission application, you must provide official scores from the testing agencies.

Keep in mind that all admission offers are conditional, based upon the expectation that students will maintain the academic and personal conduct standards upon which they were admitted. The University reserves the right to rescind an admission offer if an individual's circumstances warrant. 

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