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Readmission Checklist

To prepare for readmission, please review all the steps below. Do not submit your readmission application until you have reviewed this checklist and completed all requirements.

It is your responsibility to understand what is required for you to be considered for readmission to your program.

  • Confirm your grades/GPA

     Make sure all your assigned grades are accurate. If a grade is changed because of a reporting error, your GPA will be recalculated, which may affect the academic separation decision.
  • Review readmission requirements for your Purdue college and major

    Most Purdue colleges and schools have individual criteria for readmission. Review and understand the readmission criteria for your college/major and contact your college or academic department if you have questions.
  • Take courses at another accredited institution

    • If you have been separated for the first time, you may not reapply to Purdue until you have been away for at least one full semester (fall or spring).
    • If you have been separated for the second time, you may not reapply to Purdue until you have been away for at least one full academic year (fall and spring).
    • Take at least 12 semester credit hours at another regionally accredited institution. The 12 credit hours must be taken during a single fall or spring semester. Official final transcripts for any course work in progress will be required for consideration in the semester you wish to return.
    • The coursework at another institution cannot be remedial or developmental. Before scheduling classes at another school, review Purdue’s Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide along with the plan of study for your desired major. This will help you select courses based on how they might transfer back to Purdue and apply to your Purdue degree requirements.
    • For specific questions regarding transfer credit, you may email admissions@purdue.edu. For questions about how credit will be used in your plan of study, contact your Purdue advisor.
    • If you’re readmitted, upon receipt of your final transcript, your transfer credit will be applied to your Purdue record. 
  • Resolve holds (if applicable)

    If you have holds on your Purdue account, you must clear them before the application deadline for the term you want to return to Purdue. If holds are not cleared, your application will not be considered. If you no longer have access to myPurdue to check your holds, you may contact Admissions, admissions@purdue.edu, 765-494-1776, to request assistance.

    There are several types of holds that do not need to be cleared to be considered for readmission (all others must). These include:

    • Academic Separation Admissions
    • No Direct Deposit Authority on File
    • Emergency Contact
    • Financial Responsibility
    • Immunization
    • Student Medical Insurance
    • Respect Boundaries Training Advisor
    • Purdue Polytechnic Statewide-Vincennes University Hold

    However, these kinds of holds will restrict your ability to register for classes; so if you are readmitted, you should resolve these immediately.

  • Meet readmission application deadlines

    Below are the firm application deadlines for the semester to which you want to be readmitted. Your application must be complete by the deadline, which means Purdue has received all required material by that date. 

    • Summer (all summer terms): April 1
    • Fall Semester: July 1
    • Spring Semester: Nov. 1
  • Apply

    To apply for readmission you must complete the following by the deadline:

    • Resolve holds
    • Prepare a readmission statement including responses to each of these questions:
      • What were the factors that contributed to your academic separation status at Purdue? Do a thorough self-examination about what went wrong for you and explain it to the committee.
      • What will you do differently to assure academic success if you are readmitted? Identify concrete things you will do differently in order to be academically successful.
      • What school and major do you want to be readmitted into and why? The committee wants to know that you have thoroughly explored your options and understand how you settled on the major you are choosing.
      • What insights have you gained about yourself as a result of being academically separated? The committee is interested in getting some indication of how you’ve grown personally.
    • Complete the readmission application by the deadline (including payment of the $60 nonrefundable online application fee).
    • Provide official transcripts of college coursework you have completed since being separated. 

    After thoroughly reviewing the above information, apply here.

  • Application evaluation

    The Admissions Committee takes between 6-8 weeks to process your application. You can check your online application status to see if a decision has been made. 
  • Decisions

    Below are your next steps depending on the decision you receive.

    • If Readmitted:
      • See next steps for readmitted students.
      • You will be readmitted on academic notice.
      • Your readmission offer letter will provide your Purdue career account log-in credentials. The letter will be viewable in your Purdue application portal. 
      • If you were enrolled in courses at the time of your admission decision, you must provide a final transcript as soon as it is available. Transcripts may be sent through an electronic transcript service, to admissions@purdue.edu directly from the institution or by mail: Readmission, Office of Admissions, 2550 Northwestern Ave., Suite 1900, West Lafayette, IN 47906.
      • If the transcript reflects that your academic performance has dropped below the admission requirements for your program, your admission offer will be rescinded and you will be withdrawn from any registered Purdue courses.
    • If Deferred: Provide the additional requested documents to the Committee on Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions (CSDR) as soon as they become available. Final decisions will not be made without the requested documents.
    • If Denied: Read and consider the recommendations made by the Committee on Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions (CSDR). You may update your readmission application for a future term (and pay no application fee) within 12 months of the academic term to which you first reapplied.
  • International Students

    International students should be aware that an I-20 or DS-2019 document cannot be provided by Purdue University until all conditions of admission are met, including submission of the final transcript demonstrating grades that meet minimum guidelines for readmission.
  • Financial aid and housing

    If applicable, contact the Division of Financial Aid for information on appealing the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

    Explore options for off-campus housing here.

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