Counselor Picture Zach Black

Zach Black

Senior Assistant Director

Make Connections

College graduates who go on to great jobs and great lives are not idle in school. They connect with faculty, pursue work experiences and get involved on campus.

Talk to Your Professors
Take advantage of professors’ office hours, both as necessary to help with coursework and to learn more about what they do. That relationship may lead to a research opportunity, an important connection for internships or a reference for grad school.

Get Involved
Colleges offer a huge variety of activities for students. Find those that interest you the most and dive in. You’ll make friends with common interests and pick up a lot of great skills – teamwork, problem solving, leadership, time management. 

The work you do in college will help you stand out when you and thousands of other new college graduates are looking for that first job. Internships provide that valuable work experience employers want to see and they’ll help you discover what you like doing or (possibly more importantly) what you don’t. And some internships lead to full time positions!