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Visual Communications Design (VCD) program develops students as problem seekers who have the capacity to plan communication strategies and form effective visual products. The curriculum is structured to prepare students for a profession that is evolving rapidly, influenced by computer technology audiences. Students are encouraged to master the technical skills involved in typography, image generation, visual structure, and composition, as well as to think conceptually, articulate ideas, and critically evaluate the form-making process. Students interested in VCD combine words, ideas, and images in original ways to convey information and promote ideas to targeted audiences.

Special note regarding portfolio review: An art portfolio is not required to begin this major. However, students are required to pass a selective portfolio review in the spring of their sophomore year at Purdue to advance to upper-level design and complete this major. Selection is competitive and is based on the student’s work in Purdue art and design courses and development as a designer. Students not selected for upper-level VCD work with their academic advisor to change to their second choice major.

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Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Writing

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Careers in Visual Communications Design
  • Graphic design manager
  • Brochure and graphic design associate
  • Video game graphic designer
  • Graphic designer for a publishing company
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