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The BA in Studio Arts and Technology is a new and innovative undergraduate major offered by the Department of Art and Design. In today’s world the lines between the arts, technology, engineering and the sciences are increasingly blurred. The leaders of tomorrow must possess a solid foundation in the traditional arts as well as expertise in new technologies and innovative ways of thinking. The Studio Arts and Technology degree builds on Purdue’s reputation as a leader in technology and its emerging voice as an innovator in the Arts. Today’s artist must be well versed in one’s discipline but also possess the tools to be able to reach a fast paced, computer and media based culture. Studio Arts and Technology gives you those tools. Students entering the program have a wide range of options open to them in selecting courses and designing their program. From painting, drawing printmaking, textiles and ceramics to Robotic Art, Digital Media, Video Art and New Media Culture, the program speaks a contemporary language while still building on the great traditions in art.

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Related Career Interests

Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Writing

Visual or Performing Arts

Careers in Studio Arts and Technology
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Multimedia production
  • Film making and video production
  • Illustration
  • Computer animation
  • Museum and curatorial positions
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