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Radiation is all around us and is used to generate power, analyze samples and materials, diagnose medical conditions and treat cancer. Medical physicists work closely with physicians and patients to develop radiation therapy treatments that minimize side effects while effectively treating cancer. Medical physicists also specialize in utilizing radiological imaging to diagnose various medical conditions. Students within this major have the opportunity to complete excellent internships within industry and healthcare facilities.

Undergraduate students in Premedical Physics have the opportunity to complete an accelerated 5-year (4+1) M.S. degree in Medical Physics through the School of Health Sciences. During the M.S. degree, students must choose a track in either diagnostic (imaging) radiological physics or therapeutic radiological physics. Both of these options are professional degrees that traditionally take six years to complete and both options lead to excellent healthcare careers.

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Transfer GPA and Course Requirements

Purdue admits to individual majors. Many majors require that applicants have completed specific coursework, and all have a suggested minimum GPA. The criteria for this major are listed below. Students who meet or exceed these criteria are the most competitive candidates for admission. Before applying, review the closed programs page to confirm your desired major is open to transfer students.

Minimum GPA: 3.0

Additional Requirements: Two semesters of college-level chemistry (equivalent to CHM 11500 and 11600) with grades of C or higher in each OR completion of one semester of chemistry (equivalent to CHM 11500 or CHM 11600) and one semester of biology (equivalent to BIOL 11000 or BIOL 11100) with a C or higher in each.


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This program is designed to prepare students for a post graduate degree in medical physics (diagnostic and therapeutic radiological physics) and related fields, such as radiation biology and imaging sciences. Medical physicists are concerned with three areas of activity: clinical service and consultation, research and development, and teaching. Students within this major are eligible to apply for an accelerated 5-year (4+1) M.S. degree in Medical Physics within the School of Health Sciences.

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