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Philosophy offers the opportunity to pursue studies in both traditional and contemporary areas of philosophical inquiry.  There are faculty working in the history of philosophy from antiquity to the present, and in most areas of contemporary Anglo-American and Continental European philosophy.  Employers value articulateness, clarity of expression, logical rigor and analytical skills, which our courses provide ample opportunity to sharpen.  Possible careers include analyst, lawyer, sales professional, manager, professor and editor.

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Minimum GPA: 2.2


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Philosophy majors go on to successful careers in law, education, medicine, publishing, business, marketing, management, government service, computer science, and the clergy, for example. Pursuing graduate studies in philosophy and becoming a philosophy professor is not a likely path for most since the number of positions is quite limited; nonetheless, some of our majors elect this course, with our support. Virtually every employer values the skills that are cultivated in philosophy courses: articulateness, clarity of expression, logical rigor and analysis, critical reflection, and argumentation.  In many careers, philosophical knowledge and understanding can be valuable assets, especially for those in leadership positions.  Perhaps this is why recent studies show that, on average, those with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy “advance” more quickly within their careers than those of any other major.

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