Horticulture (multiple concentrations)

College of Agriculture

This broad major can prepare students for the business of horticulture with concentrations in Horticultural Production and Marketing or Landscape Horticulture and Design, or it can be focused on education and communication through Public Horticulture, or it can lead to a research and development career via the Plant Science concentration. Horticulture applies knowledge from many disciplines, including biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, communications, business, and education to solve real world problems related to the production, marketing and management of landscape plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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Environment and Ecology

Science and Research

Careers in Horticulture (multiple concentrations)
  • Fruit, vegetable, or ornamental plant grower
  • Landscape contractor
  • Plant breeder
  • Plant propagator
  • Equipment and supply sales
  • Extension Educator
  • University professor
  • Research scientist
  • Graduate school
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