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Foreign language majors

Interdisciplinary majors

Asian Studies (Chinese and Japanese) Film and Video Studies
Classical Studies (Greek and Latin) Italian Studies
Comparative Literature Jewish Studies (Hebrew)

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate courses in language, literature, linguistics, culture, civilization, and film. Instruction is provided in 12 languages, with majors in those listed above. Language clubs and honoraries, language tables in the residence halls, guest lectures, international film series, and theater performances also allow our students to enhance their knowledge and experience of other languages and cultures.

In addition to the six languages offered as majors, Purdue offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and American Sign Language.

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The intrinsic mission of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is to promote international understanding while ensuring students the best foreign language education possible. Their skills and cultural awareness will traverse boundaries and borders and help create a true global community for the future. Our students will use their language skills as:

  • Teachers and translators of diverse languages
  • Employees of multi-national companies
  • Diplomatic and business leaders in international trade
  • Scholars and researchers of foreign literatures and cultures in a global academic network
  • Foreign aid service programs
  • Community volunteers
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