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Health Science Pre-Professional is designed to prepare students for entry into professional schools in a wide arena of health-related professions. Building a solid foundation in the Sciences and Humanities prepares our undergraduates for the challenges of pursuing a career in the diverse and ever-changing healthcare industry. Due to the thoughtful design of our curriculum, students take similar coursework the first two years of enrollment, allowing the flexibility of switching from one pre-professional concentration to another. The most outstanding feature of this degree is that the course requirements for entry into professional school are incorporated into the plans of study, resulting in no extra coursework for our undergraduates.

Students in Health Sciences often pursue undergraduate research in areas such as toxicology, cancer treatment, cancer prevention, Parkinson’s disease, neurodegenerative disorders, heavy metals, health physics, medical imaging, environmental health and occupational health; this department also offers an undergraduate honors program where students can potentially conduct research as early as the freshman year. During the freshman year, all students complete HSCI 10100 Intro to the Health Professions. During this course, students have the opportunity to explore opportunities across the allied health professions and hear from practicing health professionals (MDs, PTs, OTs, PAs, etc.) to gain an introduction to the numerous opportunities within the healthcare industry.

Students pursuing this major are eligible to apply for the accelerated 5-year Master of Public Health (MPH) program as a junior. 

Health Sciences – Outstanding students within this major also have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated 5-year (3+2) MBA through the Krannert School of Management. This is an excellent option for students wanting to open a private practice medical facility or students interested in health administration.

Pre-professional concentrations include Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Public Health.

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The majority of general health sciences graduates go on to graduate school or professional schools. 92.3% of 2014 graduates that applied to graduate/professional school earned a spot; the national placement rate for professional school (med school, PT, OT, etc.) is about 50%. A number of students will also choose to enter into the workforce in various science-based fields, such as research and development, government agencies, biomedical science facilities and community health; 91% of 2014 graduates that took this route earned a position.


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