General Education: Educational Studies (non-licensure)

College of Education

The educational studies major is for those interested in a career in the field of education but not necessarily classroom teaching. This major is a non-teaching licensure program that provides a strong background in educational theory, practice and research. Research is conducted and disseminated on varied educational aspects of teaching, learning, and human development through discovery, teaching and engagement activities. Sample signature areas of discovery include:

Four strands run through and guide the program: diversity, technology, field experience, and
performance assessment (including the use of electronic portfolios). 

Plan of Study


Related Career Interests

Public Service or Social Sciences

Teaching and Education

Careers in General Education: Educational Studies (non-licensure)
  • Childcare worker
  • Camp counselor
  • Graduate or professional school (e.g., child psychologist, school counselor)
  • Policy maker
  • Researcher
Transfer to General Education: Educational Studies (non-licensure)
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