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Humans are dependent on resources drawn from the environment, and can be adversely impacted by a degraded environment.  The environmental and ecological engineering (EEE) program is focused on responding to environmental challenges and opportunities such as improving drinking water quality; controlling, treating, and mitigating waste streams; remediating contaminated sites; recovering value from waste streams; optimizing resource conservation; and implementing pollution prevention. 

EEE focuses on recognizing the dynamic and interacting nature of urban, industrial, agricultural and natural ecosystems from an integrated, holistic systems perspective. Our unique approach embraces: i) methods to rehabilitate and restore contaminated sites/media, ii) technologies to manage and control waste streams, and iii) approaches to design and operate engineered systems to avoid or minimize environmental problems. Graduates may pursue careers in engineering firms, consulting companies, industrial corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, or continue their studies in graduate or professional schools.

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