Engineering/Technology Teacher Education

Purdue Polytechnic Institute (one of 10 colleges at Purdue University)

With this degree option, you will be well prepared to teach engineering technology principles at the middle school and high school levels. You'll learn how to teach your own students the basics of design and communications, construction, power/energy, and transportation technology. Your education will blend practical experiences, technical expertise, and academic rigor into a solid foundation.

You will complete coursework in general education, professional education, and engineering/technology education. One great advantage to the Purdue program is its relationship with Project Lead The Way (PLTW). Our graduates receive a PLTW pre-engineering teaching certificate. With it, you will be qualified to teach PLTW courses as part of Indiana's technology education curriculum.

The Engineering/Technology Teacher Education undergraduate curriculum is based on the Scholar-Practitioner Model, NCATE accreditation standards, Standards for Technological Literacy, Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy, and Indiana Professional Standards Board standards.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is one of 10 academic colleges at Purdue University. The Polytechnic specializes in team-based labs where you’ll test ideas, take things apart and put them back together — only better. You’ll learn side-by-side with professors who have worked in the industry and thrive on combining theory, imagination and real-world application. In this innovative environment, you'll learn by doing - gaining deep technical knowledge and applied skills in your chosen discipline coupled with problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication and leadership skills employers desire.

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Engineering/technology teacher education teachers teach in public and private middle and high schools.

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