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The English major at Purdue is based on extensive coursework in literature, language, and writing, and it is designed to make undergraduates sophisticated readers of a variety of texts, to build critical thinking skills, and to adopt excellent writing practices.  The English major is ideal for those who want to become writers and editors, or who wish to pursue graduate school (in law or education, for example, or English).  While there are three required courses of all English majors, in most cases students have the opportunity to choose from a range of courses when planning their schedules each semester.  The department regularly offers courses in American, British, and world literatures; in history of the English language and linguistics; in film studies; in ethnic and postcolonial literatures; and in many other traditional and newly emerging fields related to English.

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Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Writing

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  • Graduate or professional school
  • Publisher/editor
  • Business jobs in training/management
  • Reporter/writer
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