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Electrical Engineering encompasses all areas of research, development, design, and operation of electrical and electronic systems and their components. In this area of study, you can specialize in such varied areas as: Biomedical Imaging and Sensing; Automatic Controls; Communication, Networking, Signal, and Image Processing; Fields and Optics; Power and Energy Devices and Systems; Microelectronics and Nanotechnology; VLSI & Circuit Design; and Computer Engineering. As an electrical engineer, you must have a strong background in mathematics and physics, a broad base in the humanities and social sciences, and excellent communication skills.

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Electrical engineering graduates are sought by all major industries. Graduates hold many important and challenging positions in the aerospace, chemical, nuclear, automotive, medical, metallurgical, textile, railway, petroleum, computers, electronics, communications, power, and other electrical industries. Important personal attributes include communication skills, the art of self-learning, teamwork, and an appreciation for ethical conduct. These skills prepare you for research and development positions in industry, as well as for careers in other areas such as management, sales, teaching, medicine, and law.

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