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The business world has been on a rollercoaster in recent years. An Economics degree from the Krannert School will put you in the front seat and give you the perspective to anticipate and understand future twists and turns.

The Economics major will advance your analytical skills by exposing you to real-world economic issues. With this degree, doors will be opened to consulting firms, investment banks, government agencies, marketing firms and financial trading companies. You’ll also be well-positioned to continue your education in graduate or law school.

Economics is the most broad-based major offered at Krannert. It allows a high degree of flexibility in choosing coursework, and allows you to tailor your classes to your interests. We’ll supply what you demand in an economics education.

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Job titles of recent Krannert Economics graduates:

  • Analyst for a consumer products firm
  • Strategy consultant for a planning and development services company
  • Project manager for a health care firm
  • IT analyst at a global management consulting company
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