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Purdue Computer Science is one of the country's top-ranked programs.  Faculty members are shaping the future of information technology through cutting-edge research.  Students can take courses that include such topics as graphics and animation, robotics, web programming, competitive programming, cryptography and security, networks, software engineering, distributed systems, information systems, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics.

The department is located in the Lawson Computer Science Building, which opened in 2006.  In addition to offering an inviting and comfortable environment, the building is equipped with cutting-edge networking and computing technologies, including 10-gigabit Ethernet cabling and wireless access throughout the building.  There are four classrooms, four instructional labs, five research labs, and a student activity center.  The building also offers students a variety of interaction areas, and a deli-style café and espresso bar.  A 16-by-9 foot tiled video wall donated by the Harris Corporation is used for a variety of purposes, including notices of campus events, workshop and colloquium speakers, news and information, research demonstrations, and class projects.

The Purdue University Department of Computer Science has a comprehensive and exciting curriculum for its undergraduate students.  There is a great deal of flexibility in this curriculum.  CS students begin by taking six core courses that teach them the fundamentals of computer science.  Students can then select one or more tracks, which allow them to deepen their understanding in a specific area (or areas) of Computer Science.  These academic tracks include:

This curriculum offers adventurous young women and men an excellent opportunity to be involved in a dynamic discipline that will continue to grow and to contribute significantly to progress in many other disciplines and ultimately to changes in human society that are nothing short of profound.

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Computer Sciences graduates pursue careers in animation and visualization, biotechnology, computational finance, computer graphics, consulting, information security, wireless systems, and software engineering. Many also go on to graduate or professional school in areas such as business, law, or medicine. Students learn communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills and acquire the necessary technical skills for positions in computing in most any industry.

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