Biological and Food Process Engineering

Biological and food process engineering (BFPE) within the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) encompasses the design of materials, processes, and equipment used in producing food, pharmaceuticals, and biochemicals. The department has the only ABET-accredited food engineering program in the U.S. Because the program educates engineers for careers in industries that process biological materials and utilize biotechnologies, biological sciences are integrated throughout the curriculum.

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Biological and Food Process Engineering is a major within the Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) Department. ABE faculty are members of both the College of Agriculture and the College of Engineering, and there are multiple entry paths for students who are interested in ABE majors. 

First-time college students may apply to "Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Pre)" in the College of Agriculture or they may select "Engineering" in the College of Engineering, where they would begin in the First-Year Engineering program. The first-year curriculum is the same for each path.

Transfer students who have fulfilled the first-year requirements of this engineering program may apply directly to Biological and Food Process Engineering in the College of Agriculture. Transfer students who have not met the first-year requirements may apply to Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Pre).

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Agricultural and Biological Engineering
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  • Research and development of new foods and biological and pharmaceutical products
  • Development and operation of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing systems for drug, food, and bio-based products
  • Design and installation of food/biological/pharmaceutical production processes
  • Design and operation of environmentally responsible systems, energy, and products
  • Marketing and technical support for manufacturing plant
  • Business/industry positions in design, analysis, marketing, sales, engineering, and management consulting

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