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How do we interpret the narrative imagery of an Ancient Near Eastern sculptural relief? Why did the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí paint pictures in a dreamlike Surrealistic manner? These are examples of the types of questions art historians ask and try to answer by studying the visual arts of both the distant and more recent past. They seek to understand the cultural values expressed in a work of art and to show how the latter fits into a larger context or tradition to which individual artists belong. The result is that a painting, statue, building, or piece of jewelry comes to life and gives us a fresh insight into mankind’s ever-changing experience and ways of seeing the world.

Students are taught to think critically and do research, learn theoretical aspects of this field, and express themselves effectively in written and oral form. Several of our courses contribute to interdisciplinary programs in Classical Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Women’s Studies, and Italian Studies. The major in art history must be accompanied by a minor, which can be in any number of fields.

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  • Museum education
  • Art education
  • Museum administration
  • Museum development
  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • Art Administration
  • Auction houses
  • Art Galleries
  • Art consulting
  • Museum curating
  • Teaching and research
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