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Anthropology is unique among the social sciences in considering humankind from a holistic perspective that aims for an understanding of how culture, biology, history, and language intersect. We have a rigorous well-balanced four-field (biological, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology) undergraduate program. Our faculty ably covers a range of substantive, methodological, and theoretical areas in courses that provide students with a solid grounding in anthropological perspectives. Undergraduates have an opportunity for training in archaeological, osteological, ethnographic, and primatological methods. All these and other topics help students understand ideas and issues that they confront as citizens and in their careers. We encourage hands-on experiences through study abroad, archaeological field schools, internships, and service learning at Purdue and elsewhere.

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Undergraduate students who major in anthropology are preparing for graduate school or want a general liberal arts degree. Some also anticipate employment in an industry, which may or may not be related to their interest in anthropology. Students also pursue medical school, law school, teaching careers, or employment in government or nonprofit organizations.

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