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American Studies introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of America as a place, a political and social idea, a set of values and traditions, and a people. The major provides students with the opportunity to examine America through the diversity of its ideas, texts, objects, institutions, practices, and histories as well as the complex social and political relationships that have shaped and continue to shape the world to which they belong. The major in American Studies strives toward a balance of flexibility and structure. Students are allowed a great deal of freedom in their course selection within a basic framework of required course types and a declared area of concentration. The flexibility and small size of the major permits undergraduates to devise an interdisciplinary academic program best suited to their individual needs and academic interests. The American Studies major can often be completed with a second liberal arts major such as English, History, Sociology, or Political Science.

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Public Service or Social Sciences

Careers in American Studies
  • Law
  • Journalism/Mass Communication
  • Teaching and Education
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Community Services
  • Management
  • Public Policy
  • Material Culture, Museum and Archival Studies
  • Professional or Graduate School
  • Many other positions in business/management, not necessarily related to the major but based on graduate's global awareness and broad-based liberal arts skill set
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