Agribusiness (multiple concentrations)

College of Agriculture

Increasing opportunities exist for agricultural graduates to enter managerial positions in business. These businesses may be large or small and may be organized as proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or cooperatives. They include meat, dairy, and poultry processing industries, grain handling, feed manufacturing, and seed and fertilizer firms; transportation and storage concerns; and wholesale and retail food businesses. Although this Department of Agricultural Economics curriculum gives special emphasis to agriculturally related businesses, its requirements are broad enough to allow adequate preparation for nonagricultural businesses. This option also has enough flexibility to permit you to prepare for an international career in agricultural business and can serve as a foundation for graduate school.
Concentrations include:
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agrifinance
  • Agrimarketing
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Food Marketing

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Plan of Study


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Careers in Agribusiness (multiple concentrations)
  • Agricultural Chemical Sales Representative
  • Agricultural Seed Sales Representative
  • Agricultural Supply Management
  • Animal Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative
  • Commodity Merchandising
  • Consumer Brand Management
  • Corporate Management Trainee
  • Customer Service Representative
  • District Grocery Store Management
  • Elevator Management
  • Financial Planning Representative
  • Food Manufacturing Sales Representative
  • Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative
  • Investment Representative
  • Law School
  • Loan Officer
  • Production Management
  • Professional Farm Management
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