Agricultural Economics (multiple concentrations)

College of Agriculture

Agricultural economics graduates apply economic and business principles for banks, farm credit institutions, feed companies, farm equipment and fertilizer manufacturers, and food processing firms. Within agricultural economics, students can choose majors such as agricultural finance, agribusiness management, farm management, food industry marketing and management, quantitative agricultural economics, and sales and marketing.

Concentrations include:

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Careers in Agricultural Economics (multiple concentrations)
  • Agricultural finance (Agriculture loan officer, financial planning, mortgage loan officer, lending analysis)
  • Agribusiness management (Corporate management, commodity trading, elevator management)
  • Farm management (Farm manager)
  • Food industry marketing and management (Food manufacturing sales, retail management, production management, brand management)
  • Quantitative agricultural economics (Law school, research analyst)
  • Sales and marketing (Professional sales representative, marketing manager)
  • Transfer to Agricultural Economics (multiple concentrations)
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