College of Health and Human Sciences

College of Health and Human Sciences
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Making life better

Big opportunities thrive in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Curb childhood obesity. Protect the environment. Reform health care. Choose from nine disciplines with one extraordinary focus — to improve health and quality of life.

Our faculty are trailblazers who lead our world-class programs and research centers. Plus, there are heaps of opportunities to take part in internships, study abroad and more than 40 student organizations for health and human sciences undergrads. And if you’re thinking about a future in medicine, law or other professional careers, the College of Health and Human Sciences is a perfect fit.

Discover the role you are meant to play in the world and get ready to make a difference.

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Applied Exercise and Health

Athletic Training

Brain and Behavioral Sciences

Developmental and Family Science

Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs

Environmental Health Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Financial Counseling and Planning

Foods and Nutrition in Business

Health Sciences - Preprofessional

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Chiropractic Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Dentistry Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Medicine Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Optometry Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration

Health Sciences Pre-Professional / Public Health Concentration

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Human Services

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Movement and Sport Sciences


Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition Science

Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

Occupational Health Sciences

Psychological Sciences

Public Health

Radiological Health Sciences

Radiological Health Sciences - Premedical Physics

Retail Management

Selling and Sales Management

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences